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30 November 2013 @ 02:44 am
I have nothing to do. ABSOLUTELY nothing to do. Let me spell it out for you:

(What lovely calligraphy.)

I am reduced to posting a worthless entry like this one due to the whole lot of nothingness that I am faced with right now.

I am so free, I am marathon-ing The Secret Life of the American Teenager.Collapse )
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15 November 2013 @ 10:07 pm
And, oh my lord, it has been almost a year.

I finished my last paper yesterday.

General paper and Mathematics was nice, Biology was a unnecessarily confusing, and I realised I'd already lost at least 5 mark in Chemistry. And everyone knows how harsh the marking is for STPM. Gguh, I feel like puking.

James feels me.

Let's just hope the rumour going around that our course works help a lot in pushing up our final grade is true, because I sure as hell need help.

Edinburgh's med school seems so far now. Gawd, I'd love to just find a Brazilian who vaguely looks like Kubota Masataka, get married, make lovely baby boys and just live out my life sitting at home, cleaning the bathroom every other Saturday morning. Enough of this 'I need to be someone useful to the community in the future' shit.

Well, not really. Ah, but the Kubota thing is true. He is awfully, awfully cute.

I mean, look at him! Look at all those moles! Gah!

Well, I am no longer a schoolgirl. Heck, I'm almost in the second decade of my life, I should have stopped being in 'school' school for years now.




On another less fortunate note, I am still mourning the loss of Koki from that poor little (now littler) group.  KAT-TUN was the thing that brought me into the whole Japanese shebang, they're a large part of my teenage years. It's sad to see them crumble from being the most popular group in Johnnys to this forlorn shadow of what they used to be.

I'll probably make a twitter account just to follow his account.

Q: Does anyone have any good books to recommend?
I have been reading like crazy this year, probably the stress. I demolished every Murakami book except 1Q84 and Hear The Wind SIng, and am religiously going through the Man Booker Prize shortlist of the past few years. Although I do read more recent titles. I rarely pick up something older than twenty years back. Any good classics that I should read lest I be labeled a literature idiot?

I haven't even listened to Arashi's new album!! I hear Ai wo Utaou (?) is really good?

And hence ends my hiatus.
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28 December 2012 @ 03:06 am
This is not a reference to Ohno's (super RnB) solo.

I am awake at three in the morning, trying to finish the beading or beadwork or whatever the flying fish this thing is called on a dress for my aunt since yesterday and all of today, even falling asleep while doing it yesterday night, and I am missing two beads to finish it.





And believe me, I am not dead, LJ. I am still alive, and very, very livid. And trying to avoid using the f-word because my parents have thought me well.

What the crap is this. I need to sleep.
12 October 2012 @ 11:36 pm

Weeell, almost. Enjoying the last hour of being young and giggly and wrinkle-free. 18 seems so old. XD

I'm sure it's just technical. I'll still randomly sing 'Yuukai Tsukai Kaibutsu-kun' in an anime voice to my friends and have them squish my cheeks and call me the cutest thing in the world. They're the same age, btw. XD

Wish me luck in studying! <3

Gawd, just 30 minutes left.

I'll just dance and celebrate in the meanwhile.

Now it really is my birthday, made official by my dad singing and bringing out surprise cakes and my mum waking up groggily to wish me 8D Happy birthday, me.
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And I sit around for five minutes, thinking deeply about it, before typing something like this. Sigh.

Anyways, just here to tell you guys aka my peeps, my homies or those who have the time and an unwittingly freakish interest in me (don't worry, y'all are my peeps too), that:

1. Never has something screwed up with my life before more than the often-times unscheduled yet bombs-on-you-right-when-you-want-to-go-home T maths (is that what you call it in normal language? :D) extra classes.

2. Because of this thing called school and studying and finishing my homework (lol I really sound like a small kid), I am going on a hiatus! Semi? Semi-hiatus! I check out lj every Friday night (free time XD) but I don't think I'll be posting stuff. Maybe until the exams end. In November. Sigh. Those trigonometric equations aren't going to prove themselves, y'know.

3. I am really, really terribly sorry to those few people that I'd promise a fic. Moshiwake gozaimasen deshita! *bows* I'll try my best to write them in the tiny intervals of normal, unruffled life that I come across :D And the poor Nyan! series will have to wait. *dodges bricks* Even though my hands are figuratively ITCHING to write more chapters! *scratches* A shout-out to the ever-lovely shilriarizz, dreadfully sorry that I can't be of much help these days, but I still love yah! :D

4. As a parting gift and a present for those of you who took your time to read this very boring and uninformative post till the end, I give to you.. RANDOM WALLIES~!!! 3 OF 'EM~!!! 8D The first time posting wallies are so exciting~ *flails*


Note: They are 1440x900 only, coz I initially made this for my own computer coughselfishbitchcough. If you want other resolutions, don't be shy to drop a comment and request for em! And I'll probably get back to you next week :'D

And I think that's all there is to it :D So much happy feels for being back to posting on lj, if only for a while :D See you later, elevators!! *waves*
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Title: Five Times Ohno Said "I Love You" Without Words + One Time He Did
Author: Tia at the ministryofbees
Pairing: It's an Ohno love fest! :D Every Ohno pairing possible!
Length: One-shot at 1328 words
Genre: Fluff!
Rating: Slightly NC-17
Acknowledgement: The wonderful shilriarizz and her wonderful brain.

Author's note: Made specially for the uber cool aishizuki as a birthday present!... Which, in fact, was yesterday. And I failed to meet the deadline. *bricks self* I must be the worst friend on the face of this planet ;__; Anyway, I hope you accept my humble and fail! present. :D

“I love you.” Collapse )

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26 May 2012 @ 02:24 pm
Title: Nyan!
Chapter: It's the fourth one! :D *celebrates*
Author: Tia at the ministryofbees
Pairing: KageyamaxAiba, Ohmiya, Juntoshi
Length: 2390 words
Genre: Crack and fluff like you never seen! 8D
Beta reader: The awesome shilriarizz (who else?)

Author's note: I am ashamed of my laziness. *dodges bricks* Anyway, thanks to junbaitarashian and kazusato for poking me into writing the long-awaited 4th chapter! *claps*

Chapter summary: Wherein Aiba gets very nervous, Juntoshi-Love blossoms, Nino and Kageyama goes into attack mode and a   revelation! *gasps*

- Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 -

Aiba sat stiffly on the large, royal blue lounge chair, twiddling his thumbs and anxiously looking around the piano room, wondering how much he would have to pay if one of his clumsy limbs manages to knock down one of the many china vases and golden busts into really expensive smithereens. Collapse )

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16 May 2012 @ 12:20 am
Title: Here
Author: Tia at the ministryofbees
Pairing: Ohno/Sho
Length: One-shot, 1570 words! *gasps*
Genre: Woeful angst and anguish :D

Author's note: It's a special collaboration between the wonderful shilriarizz and me~!! Two views on one prompt. Same title, same concept, different tone, different storyline. Doubly awesome if you read both fics. :D Check out hers right here.

He tried to concentrate on the good memories, but his mind wandered too much, as it always does.Collapse )

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10 May 2012 @ 04:56 pm
Title: Of Scripts, Cakes and Kisses
Author: Tia at the ministryofbees
Pairing: Ohmiya!
Length: One-shot at 968 words
Beta-reader: The ever awesome shilriarizz*hugs*
Genre: Fluff and romance
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Ohno was saving the cake. Nino was hungry. Drama unfolds.

He laid in there, eyes closed, stomach pressed comfortably against the cool wooden floor. Collapse )

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04 May 2012 @ 11:16 pm
Well hello there! *waves* :D Yeay, it's the 4th batch! Proud of these, such lovely pics from the Arashi calendar 08-09! Credits to knh! Here you go, an order of gorgeous boys, with guaranteed nosebleeds! *throws tissues*

Faint-inducing handsome-ness right hereCollapse )

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